How Valid and Reliable are Field Sobriety Tests?

Drunk driving laws and punishments may vary from state to state but the law enforcement officers use the same field sobriety tests or FSTs to run a check on suspected driver’s. Field sobriety tests are a series of standardized physical or cognitive tests given to a driver for suspicion of Driving Under Influence (DUI).

Although they are used widely by the officers and the results are accepted as evidence for the trial, the question still remains- How valid and reliable are the field sobriety tests?

The standard FSTs include:

  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus
  • Walk and turn
  • One Leg Stand

This is followed by a breathalyzer test. A knowledgeable Florida DUI attorney may well recommend you to refuse taking these tests. This is because the studies claim that these tests are designed for you to fail. If you have been arrested for DUI then, you can have a DUI lawyer Miami, represent you and fight in your defense.

How valid are sobriety tests?

There are many ways in which the field sobriety test results may be contested in court. The most effective way is to refuse taking these tests altogether. This way, the officer may not have any major evidence to prove you were intoxicated while driving.

If you were subjected to FSTs, then the reliability of the tests may be questioned as FSTs are highly subjective and rely on the officer’s observations.

The following reasons can be used to question the reliability of the tests:

  • The failure to administer the tests properly
  • Inadequate officer training
  • Inappropriate grading of the tests
  • Tampering of results/false positive results

There are many ways in which an experienced DUI attorney may defend you, against a failed field sobriety test in court. Always hire an experienced Daytona beach DUI attorney who can defend you. In case you refused to take the tests, your lawyer can argue that the tests were not needed at that time and that the officer has less information, to get the test done on you.

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