How To Obtain a Bail Bond

After an arrest, you may be very wary about paying thousands of dollars to make bail. It is worth mentioning that you do not have to pay a bail amount in full, you can get a bail bond. It can be acquired through a bail bond company as long as you cover the fee. Examine bail bonds Scranton PA to discover more about the nature of these bonds. Here is a quick guide on how to obtain a bail bond.

Attend Your Bail Hearing

The first step in the process of acquiring a bail bond is to go to your bail hearing. Typically, right after your arrest, police officers will escort you to your hearing. During the procedure, a judge will set bail. Note that the main purpose of bail is to motivate defendants to show up for their subsequent court dates; therefore, your bail amount should not be excessive. Nonetheless, it is up to the judge to determine the amount of your bail as he or she takes into account the information listed on a bail schedule as well as the circumstances surrounding your arrest.

Contact a Bail Bond Agency

Once your bail is set, you, or one of your relatives, can reach out to a bail bond agency. The agency will likely ask you or your family member to disclose your name, booking information, charges, and jail location. Once they have collected all of this information, they will ask you to pay a bail bond fee, which usually falls between 10%-15% of your total bail amount. Many agencies will allow you to use cash, debit cards, credit cards, checks, or money orders to pay for your fee. Be sure to research the types of payments that particular companies accept or prefer. In addition to paying a fee, you will have to sign paperwork so that the agency can secure collateral, which serves as a stand-in for the remainder of your bail amount.

Post Your Bail Bond

After you have paid your bail bond fee, a representative from the agency can go to the jail in which you are being held and post your bail bond so that you can be released. Make sure that you appear in court when scheduled to retain the validity of your bail bond. If you do not show up for court, your bond will be forfeited and your collateral will be used to pay for the rest of your bail amount. Note that the agency will keep your bail bond fee as a form of profit.

The process of getting a bail bond is not very difficult. You just have to communicate clearly with the agency you choose to use.

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