Harbor Freight Lawsuit

How to Prepare For a Waterfront or Waterway Freight Lawsuit

In order to obtain an accurate estimate and final settlement in a waterfront or waterway shipping litigation, it is essential that a waterway freight lawsuit be fully prepared by a maritime attorney with experience in this area. Waterway freight litigation can be complex and can take years to resolve and settle, but the outcome will be worth the effort.

The first step in preparing for a waterfront or waterway freight lawsuit is to retain the services of a team of maritime attorneys who are familiar with maritime law and who are willing to provide an initial consultation. These initial consultations are often free of charge and involve a thorough review of your case and the applicable laws and regulations, as well as the procedures that must be followed in pursuing a maritime lawsuit. Many firms who specialize in waterfront and waterway shipping cases also offer free initial consultations.

Maritime attorneys are an asset when it comes to protecting your rights and obtaining the maximum possible compensation. Many waterfront and waterway freight lawsuits result in a settlement, while others may require the services of a specialized maritime lawyer to help you obtain the right amount of damages. If you choose a waterfront or waterway freight litigation without the expertise of a qualified attorney, your chances of receiving a favorable settlement in the event of a maritime cargo litigation are greatly reduced.

Harbor Freight lawsuits are sometimes resolved quickly and efficiently. But it’s important to note that waterfront and waterway cargo lawsuits often carry significant costs for both parties. These costs may include the cost of a maritime cargo litigation attorney, a representative from the plaintiff’s attorney’s office, and any other legal fees that will be incurred during the course of the case. The expenses may even exceed the amount of your settlement!

The most cost effective way to avoid the expense of hiring an attorney is to hire an individual who has experience with the types of lawsuits commonly filed against ferry companies and shippers. When seeking the services of an experienced maritime attorney, the company you work with should be able to provide you with a complete list of waterfront and waterway freight attorneys who have a demonstrated history of providing efficient and effective waterfront and waterway freight litigation support.

Before agreeing to a case with a maritime firm, make sure you thoroughly review their website. In addition to offering the resources needed to obtain a free initial consultation, they should also have a full list of waterfront and waterway freight attorneys in your local area. You want to ensure that your case will be handled by an experienced waterfront or waterway freight law firm that has been recommended to you by others.

While the fee of an initial consultation will vary from firm to firm, the majority of firms will require a one-on-one meeting with you to discuss all of your options. As you work with the firm to develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your rights, you should expect to discuss the following topics:

Whether the settlement is in the form of an out-of-pocket settlement, a negotiated settlement, a jury award, or a combination of both, the outcome of your waterfront or waterway freight lawsuit will depend on many factors, including: whether the ship or vessel has been damaged due to negligence; and if any personal property or cargo has been lost. The most important thing to remember is that your case is not likely to be resolved within the timeframe that is allotted by the maritime lawyer you select.

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