Gm Cracked Dash Lawsuit

A Georgia couple says that they have been forced to file a Gm Cracked Dash lawsuit against General Motors. According to the lawsuit, a former owner could spend up to $2,500 to replace their defective dash, which caused them to lose their control over the vehicle. The lawsuit says that they suffered “severe and permanent injuries,” that required extensive medical care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and thousands of dollars in compensation. They say that the incident was the direct fault of GM.

GM CRASH Lawsuit

In the class-action lawsuit, the plaintiffs are asking for more than a million dollars in compensation. According to the lawsuit, GM did not give them proper warning about the defect, as required by the federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Act (MVSA). They say that this is a direct violation of the law, which states that manufacturers must give out warning labels about oil levels, oil changes, and other things that can affect the safety of a driver. An attorney who specializes in car safety, Mark Verdi, is acting as the plaintiffs’ counsel.

The lawsuit also claims that GM did not give them a recall about the dashboard problem until March, one month after it had already been discovered.

This, the plaintiffs say, is evidence that GM did not take immediate action when they discovered the crack on the dashboard. The lawsuit further alleges that GM ignored proper warnings about the dangers of the oil leaks, which could have caused the accident. Lastly, the lawsuit claims that GM did not repair or replace the defective parts necessary to fix the damage once they found the crack, despite the fact that they knew there were problems with it.

As detailed in the Gm cracked dash lawsuit, most of the blame should be placed at the feet of GM.

The automaker knew about the crack on the dashboard long before it was discovered, yet did nothing to remedy the problem, even though it could have easily fixed it given the fact that GM realized that the windshields of its vehicles posed little risk in terms of their overall safety. The plaintiffs claim that they were kept in the dark about these dangers, which caused them to drive recklessly. They further claim that they suffered injuries as a result of the car accident.

While the jury has not yet reached a verdict, the GM attorneys will most likely try to have the case dismissed due to lack of proof that the cars actually had defects that caused the accident.

This is not uncommon in the auto industry. Many carmakers are trying to avoid paying out settlements and compensations to plaintiffs who file lawsuits regarding defective products. If a case goes to court, GM could be forced to turn over evidence suggesting that its cars actually did contain crack or other damage that could have potentially injured or killed someone, and it may have to pay out large settlements to thousands of individuals who have suffered serious injuries in the accident.

If the GM CRASH lawsuit becomes a class action suit, then more people may be eligible to receive compensation due to suffering medical bills as a result of the accident.

As the case moves through the courts, the plaintiffs will need to provide evidence of what they say are the real defects that caused the accident. They will also need to present evidence about the number of crack/shatterings that may have occurred in the affected GM vehicles.

The plaintiffs say that they plan on asking for compensations from the carmaker to repair the real problems, rather than trying to get money from individual car owners who may have driven aggressively and caused the accidents in the first place. A trial could follow, or the parties could settle out of court.

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