Why File A Ford Spark Plug Lawsuit?

Ford has settled a lawsuit brought by some people who had their cars damaged after the engine suddenly died in the middle of the road. This happened in May of this year and caused the victim’s car to crash and kill them instantly.

The accident occurred because a man and his teenage daughter had been traveling along with their family in a car when their car suddenly began to accelerate rapidly in an effort to escape the motor vehicle accident attorney that was pursuing them. They were driving northbound on I-40 in Michigan when the Ford started suddenly, accelerated to sixty miles per hour, and then suddenly stopped abruptly and lost power. This is when the victim’s car suddenly died.

Ford has filed a lawsuit against the driver of the other car, and the owner of the Ford, for damages that were caused as a result of this crash. It is worth noting that when the accident happened, the woman in the car was not using her seatbelt. Even though she did not lose control of the vehicle immediately following the crash, it is believed that if she had she would have been able to keep her body from flying out of the car. The lawsuit also points to the fact that the car she was driving was in a hurry to leave the scene of an accident.

Many people do not know that Ford has a policy in place that will pay out to its drivers in the case of an accident where their vehicles unexpectedly die. This is a policy that was put into place back in 1999, but did not gain the attention it deserved until last year. There are still thousands of drivers who do not realize that this policy exists. When a driver believes that he or she is entitled to compensation for their damages due to a sudden and unexpected car accident, they must contact their auto insurance provider to find out what type of Ford spark plug lawsuit that they might be eligible for.

The Ford spark plug lawsuit can be filed in any state where a person can sue. This includes states like Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, and many others. You should make sure that you file the appropriate type of case in the right state, as the process could be different in each state. If you do not live in the right state or have the wrong state as your residence, your chances of success will be significantly reduced.

One important thing to remember when filing a Ford spark plug lawsuit is that you should always go to the local county courthouse where the accident took place. If you do not, the case could get thrown out by the judge who would not give you the opportunity to defend yourself adequately.

You should also bear in mind that if you have the need to hire a legal professional, you should make sure that you have a very good case so that the Ford spark plug lawsuit is handled by someone who knows how to handle such cases. Because the case is so high profile and a high success rate, there are a lot of lawyers who are willing to take this type of case.

It may not be possible to defend yourself, but having a good and competent lawyer to handle your case will help your odds dramatically. You should try to talk to your friends and colleagues, who may have been involved in such cases, as well as your family doctor, and ask for advice as to whom you should hire to represent you.

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