Run a Felony Including Misdemeanor on Background Check

A Felony includes several different things on a person’s record. They are listed separately in statutes and in the Constitution. There is also a vast difference between a felony and a misdemeanor. Most people assume that if they have been arrested, their felony will appear on their record. In some cases this is true, for example if someone is arrested for grand theft auto. However, felonies are generally defined as any felony, including simple possession of marijuana, and in some states, the federal code includes a host of additional offenses.

In most states it is a felony to knowingly enter the United States illegally, and this includes illegal entries across state lines.

A felony can be punished by a prison term of more than one year, or a fine of more than $10,000. Misdemeanors can carry sentences of less than a year. Some misdemeanors do not involve jail time or fines. These include driving under the influence, petty theft, assault, graffiti, and some drug offenses. Even minor crimes such as possessing illegal drugs are reported to the criminal databases.

There are two situations where it would be wise to run a criminal record background check.

The first is when you are interviewing potential employees, or prospective business partners. Most employers will want to know about previous jobs, work history, and education verification. The second is to check out an individual who has sent you a resume or an email. In the case of an online job application, you will want to know what kind of security the applicant has used.

Before running a background check on a potential employee, you will need to gather some information.

You will need to know the full name and address of the person. Also, you will need to find out about any previous felonies, arrests, or convictions. It is important to realize that even traffic tickets and parking tickets will still show up on a report. So if you run a background check on someone, you will also need to know if they have ever been convicted of something like theft.

When running a felony including misdemeanor check on an individual, you should know that you will not only find out the person’s felony, but also some misdemeanor records.

Some felony crimes include murder, assault, DUI/DWI, fraud, and child pornography. Many misdemeanors also include possession of drugs or weapons. If the person you are checking out has a previous criminal record, it will definitely come up during a search.

When running a background check, you will find it is not too difficult. If you would rather skip the process, you can do so with a paid service. These services are fast, efficient, and are very easy to use.

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