False Advertising Lawsuit Against Monster Energy

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Monster Energy for its bottled water products. The lawsuit was filed by the Class Action Lawyer of San Francisco, California. The suit was comprised of a couple of different complaints about false advertising, deceptive trade libel, and unfair competition. This week, VPX Sports LLC has filed a lawsuit against Monster Energy and the leading brand in bottled water, the Reebok, for violating the rights of consumers by violating anti-trust laws. This suit is being brought by an individual who feels that he/she has been injured due to the marketing of their bottled water product.

So what is the problem with these lawsuits, and why now? In a word, false advertising.

It is a proven fact that false advertising is one of the leading causes of injury cases. That’s why these lawsuits are coming against big-name companies, such as Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and so on. These are the same type of companies that are often the main sponsors of major sporting events (i.e., Major League Baseball, the National Football League, etc.)

It is also important to note that these suits are not being brought against the original brand either. Monster Energy is merely using the name as leverage to promote its energy drinks. After all, they are the ones that will be responsible for the side effects that occur when consuming their products. As such, we as a society should be careful about accepting anything that is being placed on a label, because it bears all the risk of the product itself.

The truth is, many of these suits filed against the energy drink giant were completely unfounded. For example, one such case was filed by a man who suffered from serious medical conditions, including “cerebral palsy, partial paralysis and permanent deafness.” This man was unable to bring himself around by the taste of the energy drink that he regularly drank. Yet, the company was still able to file a suit against him over these medical conditions.

On another level, some of the plaintiffs may have been faking their symptoms to gain some money.

A man who was having trouble sleeping because of severe headaches before filing a lawsuit against Monster Energy was told by his doctor that he had suffered from a form of sleep disorder: “paralysis.” Although this man did eventually gain enough money to leave his job and obtain disability benefits for his medical conditions, he was instructed to lie about his condition. The company has already lost a similar lawsuit regarding a woman who was allowed to take prescription pain killers even though she had never previously been prescribed them.

Despite what you think, or believe, the beverage company filed a lawsuit against Monster Energy for false advertising. In the end, it was the judgment and settlement that were too much for this particular defendant. They were not able to avoid bankruptcy, but they were able to pay a fine that is much smaller than the financial loss they would have incurred had they not settled with the lawsuit.

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