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One recent case in point involves a New Jersey woman who was suing her former employer for discriminating against her based on her disability, and this resulted in an Eliquis lawsuit that claimed discrimination due to her “disease.” Many other employees also filed disability claims or lawsuits, yet this particular case was ultimately settled. The details of the case are typical of several other Eliquis lawsuit news stories, which often result in the settlement of cases without much fanfare.

The complaint in question alleged unlawful discrimination because the employer failed to make accommodations for her “disease” or other ailments that she had as a result of her injury.

She was not making any false claims as part of her disability claim when she began having internal bleeding. She was also never given a warning label on her uniform, nor did she ever have instructions from upper management that her dress code did not allow her to wear a splint to control her bleeding. This resulted in Eliqui’s lawsuit that ultimately settled.

The incident took place in 2021 when the plaintiff was working as a dental assistant in a New Jersey dental office. A dental hygienist became unaware that there was excessive bleeding coming from the lower portion of her leg, which was causing her to be wheelchair-bound after suffering a serious accident. After asking her doctor for more instructions, the hygienist ignored her advice and performed surgery on the plaintiff without following the necessary procedures to secure proper documentation. Following this misdiagnosis and surgery, the plaintiff began to experience a myriad of symptoms that would prevent her from performing her duties at work, such as memory loss, severe leg pains, and extreme anxiety.

The result of this negligence was ultimately Eliquis lawsuit news that was broadcast by several national media outlets.

Many people commented on the case, claiming that the plaintiff’s condition should have been immediately diagnosed and treated. Additionally, many people commented that it is negligence on the part of the doctor to fail to properly follow established procedures for treating internal bleeding injuries. Others stated that the delay in diagnosing the injury was the reason why the victim was left with a permanent, serious condition. Unfortunately, there was no footage available from the dental procedure, so all that could be discernible from the testimony given by the defendants and medical experts was the extent of the internal bleeding injuries. There were no x-rays or any other method for investigating the severity of the internal bleeding injuries.

It was also revealed in the lawsuit news that some of the medical personnel who failed to diagnose the injury properly failed to bring the lawsuit to court, despite being aware of the obvious negligence on the part of the doctor.

For instance, one victim had a tooth extracted following only a few months of recovery from her injury. However, the doctor failed to mention this to the plaintiff’s counsel, who never contacted the plaintiff’s attorney regarding this matter, which meant that her tooth could have easily been restored during the pendency of the lawsuit. The fact that a significant number of victims did not receive any type of compensation is what led to the formation of the Eliquis lawsuit news.

Furthermore, in the aftermath of this kind of incident, several victims were left with physical disabilities that will likely be long-term, as well as lifelong. As such, the lawsuits filed against this negligent medical personnel must compensate for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of workers’ compensation, pain, and suffering, and so much more. If you or someone you know has been seriously injured as a result of medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to discuss your case.

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