Class Action Lawsuit on Radial Keratotomy

For all those who are aware of the Radial Keratotomy procedure, it is time to learn more about the class action lawsuit that has brought much success to the plastic surgeons and their patients. Class action lawsuits occur when a group of patients come together and sue the same physician for the same medical issues in a court of law. The lawyers for the defendant (the physician) bring the suit against the patient, which is represented by a class of patients. The success of the class action lawsuit depends on many factors, including the strength of the evidence presented by the plaintiffs’ attorney and the dynamics of the case as presented in the complaint.

Radial Keratotomy Class Action Lawsuit

While discussing the details of the Radial Keratotomy case with my legal counselor, she informed me that, in most cases, plaintiffs have to prove negligence on the part of the physician. If the plaintiff can prove that the defendant’s actions or inactions have injured or caused them harm, then they can file a legal lawsuit against the individual. The medical records of the patient are very important for this purpose, as the legal documents will provide a detail history of the patient’s medical history. In many cases, the records contain clear and identifying information about the Radial Keratotomy procedure. The records include the name of the physician, his address, the date and the location of the surgery, the procedure done and the final outcome of the treatment.

The legal documents also provide the background of the patient.

This helps the judge in the case to understand the nature of the treatment, the extent of injuries suffered and other related issues. The plaintiff must clearly prove the negligence on the part of the defendant and in this case, it is very important to gather strong evidences to support the case. For instance, if the doctor is careless while conducting the Radial Keratotomy, the plaintiff will have strong evidences to back up the negligence claim.

While handling a Radial Keratotomy case, one must understand that they are dealing with highly technical documents and in order to make correct conclusions, one must seek the help of an attorney.

However, before hiring an attorney, one must decide whether to pursue the case personally or through a lawsuit lawyer. There are pros and cons to both options. If the case is handled personally, the plaintiff should gather all the relevant documents and take the assistance of a good lawyer who is expert in handling Radial Keratotomy cases.

The best lawyer will be able to fight successfully in the court and win the case.

The attorney must be aware of all the details and know how to handle the case in the best possible manner. Although there are chances that the defendant may offer compensation to the plaintiff, it is highly unlikely. The defendant may try to avoid the case if they believe that the plaintiff is not financially sound or will not stand the pain and suffer to compensate the suffering caused by the Radial Keratotomy.

In the case of a Radial Keratotomy Class Action Lawsuit, if the plaintiff is successful in the case, they can recover their medical bills and undergo cosmetic surgery as well.

If the defendant refuses to offer compensation, then the plaintiff can opt for a Radial Keratotomy Class Action Lawsuit and file the case in a court of law. If the case is won by the plaintiff, then he/she can get the full amount as per the court.

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  1. hello, My name is Melissa Bias. I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1994 from then practicing doctor Robert Michael Kershner, M.D., e-mail: [email protected]. I have had so many problems with my vision I was forced to quit my teaching career at district schools. I was fired for not being able to read a child’s name tag with bus info on it, I was not able to see and follow along with seminars directing us on how to use new reading program software leaving me lost and frustrated as the weeklong seminar we were told to attend was incomprehensible to me due to lack of vision. My ears were originally very nearsighted with some astigmatism but were healthy and correctable. Now they are not and I feel my vision has only gotten worse I have been looking for a class-action lawsuit and found yours. Please help. A friend is in the same predicament.

    Thank You,

  2. Is this a real thing?

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