Class Action Lawsuit Against DEA

Class Action Lawsuit Against the Department of Education

Many who participate in a “class action lawsuit” generally understand the “class action” concept and the nature of such lawsuits, but there are few who truly comprehend what it means when a lawsuit is brought against an attorney. For instance, many people know that if they are victims of crime, that they can bring a lawsuit against the members of the crime syndicate which committed the crime. Class actions in this instance are those brought against individual attorneys. What many do not understand is that they can also bring a lawsuit against a corporation or a government entity if that entity is responsible for the crime.

Class Action Lawsuit Against DEA

The criminal justice system exists to protect the innocent as well as punish the guilty. It is not the class-action lawsuit system that seeks retribution on behalf of the individuals who have been falsely accused; rather, the victims of such crimes receive monetary damages from the individuals who falsely accused them. The False Claims Act is a United States federal law that punishes individuals who falsely accuse another person of committing a crime.

One attorney who represents many defendants has opined that he does not believe that the Dea should be punished for the seemingly innocent comments that a public servant made to a legislative representative.

In an interview on Fox News, George Gerspach claimed that it was not the intent of the Texas legislature to present this public servant with a defamation lawsuit. In fact, Gerspach stated that there was never any intent to punish the Dea in any way. He further stated that the only thing that the complaint was doing was wrongfully accusing the attorney of malpractice, which is not a cognizable crime under the Texas statute.

There are two sides to every lawsuit and there should be justice on both sides, not just one.

Unfortunately, neither side is being represented in these suits. Those who wish to bring a criminal justice lawsuit against an attorney have a much harder time getting their day in court. Attorneys do not want to take the risk of going to court or having a case dismissed because they do not want to take the risk of facing potential jail time or financial damages. It is no wonder then that many attorneys simply refuse to take a case if they feel that it is likely that they will lose.

In contrast, those who bring a civil law lawsuit against an attorney do have much better success at trial.

This is because civil law allows the plaintiff to put on paper the events that caused the claim to be brought. Attorneys have much more trouble with proving that a civil law claim has been brought properly when dealing with the other type of criminal justice jurisdiction. This is one reason why the Dallas criminal lawyer that represents the defendant is much more successful at getting the case resolved than an attorney who is used to handling criminal cases.

If you have been wrongfully accused of any crime, the first thing you need to do is to see the right Dallas criminal lawyer so that you can be fully represented and fight for the damages that you deserve.

When a civil suit has been brought against an attorney or one of the Dallas lawyers, there are many different factors that come into play. The sooner you choose a qualified attorney to fight for your rights, the better you will fare.

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