How a Chrysler Class Action Lawsuit Could Benefit You

A class action lawsuit was brought against Fiat Chrysler for car owners who claim that their new models of cars have an engine failure defect that causes them to use unusually high levels of oil in their engines. Plaintiffs Nick Gizzarello, Catherine Coppack, Rosalind Burrows, and Kellie Mc Mullen claim that their new Dodge Charger models equipped with a Chrysler engine were sold without knowing that they were risking their health by running so heavily on oil.

According to the complaint, Chrysler marketed the car models as being fuel efficient by claiming that they only required one quart of oil in each vehicle. Car owners claim that they are now suffering from chronic illnesses because they were not told about the risks of using so much oil in such a small area of their engine, as well as the fact that some of them were not even aware of the danger of running so much on oil in the first place.

Although some car owners may have been tempted to run their car’s engines without oil when they first bought their new Chrysler vehicles, most of them decided to keep on paying the extra money to maintain their cars’ engines. The complaint goes on to state that the lack of information was what caused many car owners to believe that they were doing nothing wrong.

Car owners have a legitimate case against Chrysler because it is the company that has failed to warn them about the potential dangers associated with the way that they use oil in their cars. In order for the complaint to succeed, it would need to prove that the company was liable for the injuries that its vehicle drivers have sustained. Unfortunately, Chrysler has already been ordered to pay millions of dollars in settlements to people who have suffered injuries because of excessive oil usage by the company’s models.

If the lawsuit proves that Chrysler was guilty of negligence, it would mean that the company was willing to accept responsibility and pay out millions of dollars in order to avoid having to pay millions of dollars in claims from injured plaintiffs. However, the lawsuit would need to show that the damages sustained by the company’s customers could not have been avoided, or were the direct result of their own fault.

Many of the car owners who will be joining this class action suit are not likely to receive any compensation. Since they will have suffered injuries because of their own carelessness, they will not have the financial means to pay for the legal fees that would be necessary to fight for their rights in court. In addition, the amount they will be receiving from the case will not be large enough to cover all of the costs that the company will need to incur in defending themselves in court.

However, the case may allow many of the car owners to receive some kind of monetary compensation, because they will be able to receive compensation for suffering from their injuries and for the stress and worry they have caused their families. Car owners may also be able to receive partial or full medical reimbursement.

Because there is no guarantee that a Chrysler class action case will gain the support of a judge, it would be in the best interests of plaintiffs to take the step of filing a complaint against the company if they are not sure that they have a valid case. This may force the defendant to release more information about the defects in their products so that victims who may have been able to prove that they were injured because of a defect, can receive the benefits they deserve.

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