Bridgepoint Education Lawsuit – A Look Into the Filing

The bridgepoint education lawsuit filed by the plaintiff, Ms. JoAnne M. has been a very lengthy court case. This article will explain how the case started and how it ended in favor of the plaintiffs. It will also tell you what your chances are if you decide to pursue the litigation further.

The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the plaintiff, who has a daughter who is in high school. She is suffering from ADHD, has Asperger’s syndrome and a learning disability. She claims to have received inadequate education from her teachers, and that she received poor feedback for poor performance from her peers. Her teachers, despite her requests, did not provide her with additional assistance.

One of the teachers who allegedly failed to help Josephine was Mr. Michael B. Kopp. He is a psychologist who has never held an educational psychology degree. Mr. Kopp denies providing Josephine with the support she needed. He also denies knowing that her teachers are required by law to provide her with reasonable instruction for every subject.

Josephine, as well as her parents, believe that Mr. Kopp had a hand in the plaintiff being awarded a “deficiency in education” award by the California State Board of Education. In order to win this type of court case, the plaintiff must show that the teacher was negligent in his or her duty of care towards the plaintiff. In other words, if the teacher did not do everything in his or her power to help the plaintiff gain academic success, then he or she is liable for that failure.

The plaintiff’s lawsuit against Josephine’s teacher was dismissed when the judge concluded that she was not capable of proving that Mr. Kopp’s negligence resulted in her being placed on disability or restricted status. The judge found that Josephine was responsible for all of her own failure to achieve success academically and that Mr. Kopp was only partly at fault for her academic failures. His failure, according to the judge, was due to his own inattention to some of Josephine’s problems.

There were many aspects of the case that contributed to Josephine’s lack of success in school that were left out or overlooked by the judge. She was not given proper counseling, she did not receive assistance with academics after first grade, her teacher repeatedly asked her to repeat answers, they did not provide her with effective feedback after second grade and she was often left out in class when her peers were doing homework. She never had the opportunity to interact with her fellow students on a regular basis. Her teachers treated her like they did not have any other students.

Josephine is now taking legal action against the Bridgepoint Education Corporation, the California State Board of Education, and Dr. Michael Kopp for negligence. She has received negative evaluations from all of her teachers. She has not been able to get into a college of her choice, since the lawsuit was filed. If she wins this lawsuit, her educational opportunities will be much improved and she can attend college without having to rely on private loans. If she does not win, her life will be more difficult.

If you are a parent whose child may have been harmed by Mr. Michael Kopp and his employees, this case is worth looking into. The odds are in your favor if you are willing to seek out the counsel of a qualified attorney to represent you. Bridgepoint Education is an education firm that will work to ensure that you win your case so that your child can receive the help she needs in order to become a successful adult.

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