Bladder Sling Case Update

The bladder sling lawsuit, which involves a physical therapy lawsuit against Jannick and Johnnie Johnson, is part of a larger lawsuit against Johnson and the Arena Football League. That case, filed in 2004 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, is part of what’s called an” ESPN Classic.” A classic is any legal case that has been going on for ten years or more. This case, however, predates the classic. It involved an injury to a player during an ATV accident.

Johnson was one of the players.

He didn’t have a bladder, but he did have control of the ATV. He hit a rough patch and fell off. He ended up with what’s referred to as a “tubing injury,” in which the muscles of his abdomen began to tingle and hurt. Jannick and Johnnie were taken to a local hospital, and Johnson was diagnosed with what’s called spondylolisthesis–a condition in which one or both of the vertebrae breaks. The injury required surgery, and Jannick had three separate surgeries to fix it.

Now a new lawsuit update shows that the ATV accident was only the latest in a series of potential injuries from the sport of ATV racing. Johnson had previously been diagnosed as a high-risk driver with a dangerous vehicle and a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. (He had previously been ticketed for driving while intoxicated.) According to the lawsuit update, this is not an accident that can be easily explained by a simple injury to the back.

In this case, however, the injury attorney hired by Jannick’s estate believes that Jannick died as the result of the injury.

Because of this, the lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss the case, which is currently set for trial. He argues that, because the ATV accident occurred so recently, no medical records were available that would indicate whether or not Jannick would have died as the result of his injury. Because of this, the ATV case was essentially “filed as a criminal case instead of a medical case,” he states.

Johnson’s attorney did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment regarding the new lawsuit. One of the ATV’s manufacturers, Polaris Industries, did send a letter to their family and friends of Johnson, stating that, “our hearts go out to them in this time of mourning for their loss.” But according to Johnson’s attorney, the family has yet to hear from Polaris. Another ATV manufacturer, Windstar, did send out a letter to the family, but Johnson’s attorney says that it was a response to a request for information. There is also no answer as to whether or not their medical records of Johnson were ever shared between the ATV manufacturers, nor is there any indication as to whether any medical care was ever obtained from either company before his death.

In a related case, another man in his late twenties suffered from bladder problems, which caused him to be completely absent from work for several weeks.

According to his lawsuit, that man developed a case of bacterial infections as a result of his inability to regulate his bladder during the time that he was absent from work. The man’s lawsuit sought to have his case dismissed on the basis that a work injury must necessarily result in temporary loss of ability to function. On appeal, the court held that a work-related temporary disability caused by a medical condition is a matter of fact and personal injury law and that the court should not second-guess the medical experts used by either side in their negotiations of compensation.

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