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A little while ago, on my blog, I wrote about a lawsuit by an actor from the TV show, “Barneys” that ended in his winning his case. In addition to being an actor, he was the father of two children who were in the show. Here’s what happened:

An actress from the show, “Barneys” filed a lawsuit against the owner of the bar, after a fight broke out. The actress’ lawyer, Michael Kennedy, wanted to sue the owner of the bar because she and her attorney claimed that the bar was “not taking care of the customers’ complaints about being overcharged and/or rudely treated.” He told a television news station, “The bartender had told the girl there was no room for the girl to use her credit card.”

The owner of the bar, a man by the name of Roger Sterling, called the police and claimed that the bartender had not called him because he did not want any trouble. According to the actor’s lawyer, “The man said the guy in the street would not do anything to hurt him. It was like they were saying it was okay.”

Roger Sterling denied the allegations, telling reporters that, “There are things that we can not control. But the reality is, it is not true that we have been negligent in this regard.

The actor’s suit was based on a complaint that he made to “Barneys” in November 2020, regarding a number of complaints about the bar, including its attitude and rude behavior toward patrons. This led to a complaint from the mother of one of the bar patrons, a waitress named Tiffany.

Tiffany and her son went to the bar and were seated near the restroom, and were subjected to a number of rude and profane comments by the bar employees, which included asking, “Where do you think you’re going?” The waitress replied, “I’m just going to the restroom,” and was followed by the manager. She was told to go to another restroom, and then the manager asked if she would like to go outside and “shoot some pool.”

As Tiffany tried to leave, the bar manager grabbed her arm and said, “Hey! Where are you going?” The employee said, “I’m just going to the bathroom,” and then was taken to another restroom where the manager said “You’ll never know who you’re talking to when you go outside.”

The bar manager’s mother and sister were overheard by the manager when they witnessed the incident and took them to the restroom. According to the lawsuit, the manager later confronted the mother, stating, “Why are you being so mean? It will make you look like a fool?” When the mother stated that she would file a police report, the manager added that it was the waitress’ choice whether or not to file a police report.

In response to the incident, Tiffany wrote a detailed account of the experience to a friend, and filed a police report later that month. The next day, the Barneys suit was filed.

The suit was filed on behalf of both parties and was not settled prior to filing, as both parties claimed in their counterclaims. During the course of the lawsuit, the bar hired an attorney, John H. Oakes, to defend the company against the plaintiff’s claims.

According to an account of the litigation obtained by the Daily News, the Barneys suit stated, “This incident has caused and will likely continue to cause significant harm to the plaintiff.” Tiffany said that, “I am still having difficulty breathing, my stomach hurts, and I am afraid to go out at night. The worst thing is I have gotten into a lot of fights because of this situation. I have been called by other employees who say I should sue, but I don’t feel like filing a lawsuit.”

Barneys attorney, Don Burke, said that the Barneys “decision was not an easy one,” and said, “We cannot speak for Mr. Sterling or Tiffany.” “The reality is, however, the bar has to take responsibility for any actions or negligence on their part, and there was no willful or intentional act by the bar to cause harm to Mr. Sterling.

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