Are the Risks of a Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit Worth It?

When it comes to hair loss, there are two main types of treatment: medical and surgical. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Medications are used to slow the hair-loss process. They also contain chemicals that can cause side effects, particularly with women. Surgical treatments are often the most expensive option, but they offer the best long-term results.

Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit

In the past, Taxotere was offered in oral form along with various other drugs including those for hair transplantation and chemotherapy drugs. A new class of drugs called “combustible agents” or “cosmeceuticals” has recently been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat alopecia – or genetically-determined pattern baldness. In June Sanofi Aventis released a topical solution called Taxotere – the first ever hair loss product to be available in an oral dosage. Sanofi Aventis initially filed the lawsuit against its former brand, Sanafranil – which is still currently undergoing the Taxotere litigation process. According to a Sanofi Aventis press release at the time, “Sanafranil… failed to demonstrate that its hair-restoring formula… is therapeutic and safe.”

In the days since their release of Taxotere, Sanofi Aventis has improved upon the product, but the lawsuit is still ongoing.

According to the company’s website, their new topical solution for alopecia offers “robust restorative results without the side effects normally associated with finasteride.” Currently, the side effects of taxotere treatment are not known. However, according to the FDA’s press release on the taxotere lawsuit, “a few patients did experience mild stomach discomfort and a few were advised to avoid driving or using certain machinery while using [the topical solution]… However, these side effects were not considered to be severe or life-threatening.” The side effects may be minimal and not serious, but they are still worth mentioning.

For patients who feel as if they have fallen into the wrong hands and would like some form of retribution, the Sanafranil lawsuit is a great place to turn for expert taxotere lawyers.

You should contact a highly respected tax law firm with experience in handling meritorious cases involving similar claims such as yours. There are many reputable law firms with highly skilled taxotere attorneys who specialize in these types of cases. Your case is probably not unique and they will have experience with the ins and outs of the tax controversy. These highly qualified tax law firms are also familiar with the various defenses that are available to you.

Taxotere hair loss side effects are relatively minor.

Some patients only experience slight swelling and redness, and may actually have a glow. Others will experience a far more serious side effect: complete baldness. It is important to remember, however, that chemotherapy treatments can cause temporary hair loss. This does not mean that your tax lawsuit should not proceed, but it is best to consult with a tax lawyer before taking any drastic action.

Many lawyers agree that these sorts of cases are best handled by an expert tax lawyer.

This is especially true of tax controversy cases, in which clients may have a legitimate claim that their taxes are being improperly claimed, or in which they are suffering from the side effect of a drug that is causing permanent baldness or other serious medical problems. If you do decide to pursue a lawsuit, your lawyer will do everything in his or her power to defeat your claims.

As a result, you should always make sure that your tax attorney has your best interests in mind, and that you fully understand the risks of filing a lawsuit. Your tax lawsuit may be worth it, but only if you know what you are getting yourself into before you do so.

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