A Stuart-Lippman Lawsuit Deferment

In a recent article on “bullying and workplace violence,” a case of the WFG lawsuit was brought to my attention. On March 4, 2021, Jermaine Lee was working in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, where he suffered a serious injury as a result of being attacked by two men who belong to a local motorcycle club. Mr. Lee was beaten so badly that he needed over one hundred stitches to heal, and he suffered permanent nerve damage. This is just one more case of workplace violence and intimidation that I’ve seen recently, but I think it deserves some additional exposure because it is very real, and also because it is getting more attention than it normally would. Hopefully, this story will help others who may be victims of such workplace violence.

Jermaine Lee was working in the Piedmont region when he met with two men who offered him money in exchange for agreeing not to pursue a claim against Piedmont Motorcycle Club (PMC) member, Vincent Via, for battery and other charges.

Via then proceeded to beat down Jermaine Lee, telling him that he would get “the same thing” if he kept quiet. When confronted by a PMC attorney, Via claimed self-defense, saying that Lee was an employee of PMC who’d come to his home to “tinker” with his bike. Unfortunately, a judge dismissed this claim: instead of a fair trial, Jermaine suffered further damage as a result of being bullied by PMC member Vincent Via.

As you can see from the above example, even the most innocent parties can be forced to reckon with a lawsuit over alleged phone harassment. If you are the victim of this type of harassment, it’s best to seek legal counsel right away – you never know how many potential lawsuits you may face, or which attorney will be best equipped to handle them. In this regard, let me commend Stuart-Lippman for his excellent track record with clients suing P MC. If you are unsure about your employment situation and whether or not you may be a victim of employer-sponsored or otherwise illegal conduct, I highly recommend that you work with a personal injury attorney who has a great deal of experience dealing with such cases. You may not want to wait until you are a victim of harassment to contact an attorney; you never know when it may come to a point in which you need to take action.

What is the process for filing a Stuart-Lippman lawsuit?

In many states, the process for filing a lawsuit against an employer is much more complicated than in other states. Assuming that your state’s laws are adequate to allow you to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to hire an attorney to help you pursue your claim. Unless you have experience in this area, it may be advisable for you to retain an attorney who has experience working with employers who are involved in this type of conduct. If you have previously hired an attorney to represent you in a workplace case, he or she should be able to give you a recommendation regarding a Stuart-Lippman attorney.

If you elect to pursue a claim against P MC, your attorney will file a complaint against the company. In some states, you may not need an attorney to file this lawsuit. However, unless you elect to proceed without an attorney, you will be required to disclose any possible liabilities with the company. This includes liability for any injuries that may arise from P MC negligence. You will also need to disclose any current or past issues with the company that may relate to making a claim.

While Stuart-Lippman is one of the most prolific plaintiffs’ attorneys, there are others with more limited experience.

I advise you to research any lawyer before hiring them to handle a potential P M lawsuit. You may wish to also contact an experienced litigator who has experience working with P M cases. This may be someone whom you have dealt with in the past or someone with an established law firm.

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