A Look At Claiming Compensation For A Mis-sold Timeshare

Claiming Compensation Timeshares

Timeshares first gained popularity during the 1980s, when many British people realised timesharing enabled them to own holiday property abroad. Consequently, according to a report in the Independant Newspaper, by 2013 40% of all timeshare owners in Europe were in fact British. By the 1990s though, the initial excitement and rush to invest in timeshare opportunities was waning and news of ‘timeshare scams’ and mis-sold timeshares first began to surface.

Now, in 2015, many people are more familiar with Newspaper horror stories about mis-sold timeshares and those conned by timeshare frauds than ever. Unfortunately, the warnings came too late for many British families who are now navigating through what can seem a labyrinth of legal loop holes and dead ends to try and fight for compensation after being mis-sold a timeshare.

To Find out if You Have Been Mis-Sold a Timeshare and Access Free Advice

Many people who have bought timeshares now feel now that they were mis-sold to them. If you think you may be one of those people, do not hesitate to contact the UK European Consumer Centre. The UK European Consumer Centre (or UKEEC, as it is commonly abbreviated to) offer free, impartial advice and support to ‘UK consumers who have problems with goods or services bought from a trader based in another European country’.

Often much of the stress and frustration associated with purchasing goods, real estate and services from outside of the UK arise as a result of our own ignorance of foreign laws and regulations. The UKEEC can help to enlighten consumers as to where they stand legally and what options they have, which can ultimately empower a person to act – and to act appropriately.

Specifically, the UEEC can help UK consumers and timeshare owners to find out whether they have indeed been mis-sold a timeshare and provide invaluable information as to what action to take next.

Claiming Compensation for a Mis-sold Timeshare

The UKEEC cannot force companies to take any action. Neither can the UKEEC act as your legal representative. If you find out or already know your were mis-sold a timeshare the next step is to contact a body such as The Timeshare Consumer Association.

The Timeshare Consumer Association provide timeshare consumers a ‘no win no fee’ service, enabling victims to pledge a claim against those who have mis-sold timeshare to them. ‘No win no fee timeshare claims’ are offered to clients after assessing the likelihood of any courtroom outcome; in other words, The Timeshare Consumer Association are able to provide a limited ‘no win no fee’ service based on a number of factors.

The major factor in determining whether a ‘no win no fee’ claim can be made is whether a potential case carries a ‘low risk’ of being lost. Most often, provided the defendant is an insurance company or government authority, assistors will be reasonably confident of a victory in court. In which case, a ‘no win no fee’ claim may be offered. If a ‘no win no fee timeshare claim’ is offered, the assistor receives payment for their service via an enhanced cost award against the risk they took when they undertook the case.

Unfortunately, ‘no win no fee’ claims are thus limited to those cases which meet this criterion. Hence, The Timeshare Consumer Association reviews each case before putting it before their company chairman and directors, who may or may not approve the case.

These measures are taken not simply to protect The Timeshare Consumer Association against any potential losses, but to allow the Timeshare Consumer Association to continue operating a ‘no win no fee’ service and, therefore, help as many people as possible to claim compensation against having been mis-sold timeshares.

General Information about Buying and Reselling Timeshares

Lastly, for general information about timesharing and to learn more about it, the National Timeshare Owner’s Association is a very useful resource and network of timeshare owners and companies.

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