3 Major Signs You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a huge phenomenon in the United States and if you’re having troubles in your marriage, it might be your time to file for divorce.

If you feel you need to proceed with a divorce case, you should consider hiring a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer can ensure that the divorce proceedings go through smoothly.

A divorce lawyer can ensure that you receive alimony if you request it. From another perspective, they can also help you keep your money so that you don’t break your bank.

Here are the signs you need to hire a divorce lawyer.

1. You’ve Both Agreed on the Divorce

You shouldn’t surprise your spouse by telling them you wish to proceed with a divorce case.

You want to discuss the divorce with your spouse. If you both have decided that there’s no chance of reconciliation, then you both agree upon a divorce. This isn’t always a requirement, but this is the best way to proceed with a divorce case.

In most scenarios, the best divorce lawyer won’t agree to take your case until both parties are in agreement. You can visit konalawyer.com to find a divorce lawyer who’ll help you proceed with your case.

2. You Need Help With Child Custody

If you have children, then a divorce case will include laws and rules regarding shared custody.

This can often be the messiest part of a divorce case. You might not get to see your children as often as you’d like. In the worst case, you can lose full custody of your children.

It’s these scenarios where one spouse might want to prevent the other spouse from seeing the children. There are also cases where one parent might want to spend more time with the children than the other parent.

A divorce lawyer will help you understand the laws regarding child custody based on your jurisdiction. They’ll fight to help you maintain custody and see your children as much as possible.

3. Asset Allocation

If you want a smooth process for allocating your assets, then you must hire a divorce lawyer.

If you haven’t gotten married yet, then a divorce attorney can help you prepare a prenuptial agreement. This will help you and your spouse decide how the assets will get allocated in case of a divorce.

If you’re already married, then you want a divorce lawyer to ensure that both parties agree with asset allocation.

A divorce lawyer can help you receive as much of the assets as possible. They can also help you protect your assets if you’re worried about losing your fortune!

Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Now you can decide whether now’s the time to hire a divorce lawyer to proceed with your case.

If you and your spouse have both agreed to split, then a divorce attorney ensures that a divorce case goes smoothly.

They can help you avoid miserable child custody battles. They can also help with asset allocation and with preparing prenuptial agreements if you aren’t already married.

You can find more tips on preparing a divorce case on our blog!

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