You Are Entitled To Legal Support If You Have Been Bullied In Work

A recent Career Builder Survey reportedly found that about 35% of workers believed they were being bullied in their place of employment – a highly significant figure. Not only can workplace bullying have a hugely detrimental effect on the individual but can also cause tensions in the working environment which worsens productivity and can even result in people leaving.

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Seek support for your circumstances

Bullying in the workplace can also take a number of forms – and can be difficult to identify. Why? In actuality, the figure of those bullied is anticipated to be higher, because many employees attempt to dismiss bullying as ‘banter’.

Yet to feel mistreated and undermined in the workplace due to the behaviour of others is never acceptable. Thus bullying can take many forms and it is important that you realise your rights if you are affected by situations such as:

  • Verbal abuse such name calling and put downs
  • Physical threats
  • The use of physical force – which can include cases of assault
  • Malicious activity – such as people damaging your belongings, equipment etc
  • Discrimination – which could be on the grounds of age, race or gender

You can get legal help

If you have been affected by any of the following incidents in the workplace this is not acceptable and you are entitled to legal support to uphold your rights. A good employment solicitor will be able to help you.

A prime example of a legal team with experience in the field prepared to support you is Employment Law Solicitor. They offer extensive services to help those affected by bullying in the workplace to receive appropriate compensation. For more information you can contact them directly on 0844 576 0718.

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