Foreign CyberSecurity Threats to Be Dealt More Strictly As Obama Signs New Order

Foreign Cyber Security Threats

Foreign cybersecurity threats are not just a danger for the US but other countries as well. In a world where internet connects people to people regardless of their distances, it is extremely important to take measures to thwart any threats to the security of the country that may arise due to the acts of a person with malicious thoughts on the internet.

The president of the US seems quite concerned and serious about the matter and he has signed the new executive order to deal with cybersecurity threats with iron fists. The executive order signed by the president will introduce stricter penalties against threats to arising in the cyberspace for the country.

The sanctions will be directed at any individual or entity that plays role in activities that are meant to compromise on the cybersecurity of the US. These threats can be not only to national security but also to economy in the country and its foreign policy.

Michael P. Ehline, a Los Angeles Attorney from confirms, “If any malicious activities are caught, the secretary of the treasury will be authorized to take strict actions and go for sanctions against the perpetrator”. The punitive actions will be taken only after consultation with the secretary of the state and attorney general.

Health and financial stability of the country can also be compromised by these threats on the internet. The punitive actions taken by the US authorities will put a block on any interests and activities that the perpetrator might be having in the US. Restrictions will also be put on the business activities of that entity in the country.

In addition to these punitive actions, US will also take the action of putting a ban on the traveling of that person or entity to US.

Obama administration has stated repeatedly that cybersecurity threats are the most serious forms of threat to the national interests of the country presently, thus these actions are being taken. Obama administration has also been working on resources that will help the country deal with any such threats.

While the actions being taken are solely in the interest of the country, some measures taken have also become controversial for the public. A recent cybersecurity bill has faced a lot of criticism from the public in the US.

This particular bill has given full freedom to the corporations that if the need arises they can share the personal information of their customers to the government. They can also share the personal and confidential information of the customers with other companies. The prohibition of any such acts in the company’s contract will not have any effect on the sharing of information.

Melanie Ann Pustay, an official from Obama administration, had recently testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to have amendments made into the freedom of information act. She requested and tried to convince the congressional officials to make changes into the act in order to have more power on the side of the government when it came to keeping some information confidential to avoid any damage to cybersecurity and critical infrastructure.

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